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Thibaud Poirier

A small sampling of the amazing images you will see on this tumblr. Thibaud Poirier is a self taught photographer from France, born in 1987. His photography journey started in 2012 and he fell in love with it straight away. Some people just seem to get it, he has figured out a way to capture the world around us in a clear simple way that is at the same time original and new. 

Check out this tumblr!

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Hello! I would suggest dividing your clothes in seasons. So all the clothes you don’t need for the current season put it in boxes and store it under your bed (or some other storage space). That way you don’t need as much space in a dresser or closet. If space is limited I would suggest using the height of the room. There are multiple clothing solutions (f.e. from IKEA) that are very useful for that. Personally I’m a big fan of IKEA Stolmen, you can put it together exactly as you want it with dressers, hanging space, shelves. And stores a lot of clothes using every possible space you have. (pictures 1, 2 & 6 are IKEA Stolmen).

I hope I helped you out a little bit. (P.s. I’m sure you can find more inspiration on my Pinterest Board)

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The Cathedral, Wiener Neustadt by Christoph Sevcnikar

The Late-Romanesque Dom, consecrated in 1279 and cathedral from 1469 to 1785. The choir and transept, in Gothic style, are from the 14th century. In the late 15th century 12 statues of the Apostles were added in the apse, while the bust of Cardinal Melchior Klesl is attributed to Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

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